Place: Planetarium at “Nikola Vaptsarov” - Naval Academy, Varna
(LAT=43°12’42.87” N; LONG=27°55’52.37” E;)

The Bulgarian maritime volunteers’ organization to the public benefit BULSAR, with the assistance of IMRF (International Maritime Rescue Federation), has the pleasure to invite You to participate the conference, titled „Automated systems for maritime search and rescue”, which is to be held on June 16 & 17, 2016 in Varna, Bulgaria.

The Conference will be held simultaneously with another one - “Integrated informational system in support of coastal zone management”, organized at the Higher Marine Naval School - Varna.

Having in mind the serious interest of Black sea countries in the problems of protection of human life at sea and preservation of the Black sea waters cleanliness, demonstrated in a number of documents, among which „Doc.GA41/EC40/REC131/13 (“Development of cooperation in Salvage and Rescue (SAR) among the BSEC Member States”), we consider that Your participation will demonstrate a confirmation of the humanitarian goals.

An important moment of the forum, organized by BULSAR, is the presentation of a specialized software for maritime and aeronautical SAR, developed by NIKOOSAR, complete with training on its usage.

Parallel to that, a specialized center for maritime crises management will be opened, to which the training center of BULSAR will be annexed.

We are expecting interest in our conference on the part of the interested organizations, responsible for the protection of human life at sea and preservation of the Black sea waters cleanliness, as well as the volunteers’ European maritime structures, IMRF members and other European structures.

I shall be very grateful, if You could spread the within information to the PABSEC member countries.

We are ready to submit any additional information.

Yours respectively,
We are looking forward to meet You here!

Capt. N.Guerchev,

On behalf of the Organizing committee;

16 June 2016 – Thursday
Time Event OPR
0900-1000 Registration for participants Bulsar Forum coordinator
1000-1030 Opening Ceremony*
  • Prof.d-r.Comodor B.Mednikarov - Rector of Naval Academy
  • Capt.Nick Guerchev-Bulsar CEO
  • Mr Mahdi Mahdavi-Nikoosar CEO
1030-1100 Coffee break Org.Com
1100-1200 Opening and learning about SAR center of Bulsar cpt.(N). Kalin Kalinov;
D-r. P.Stanev
1230-1330 Lunch Org. Com
1300-1330 Maritime SAR in Bulgaria Capt.Nick Guerchev-CEO Bulsar
1330-1430 Coffee break Org.Com
1430-1530 NIKOOSAR “SAR monitoring and management software” Mr Mahdi Mahdavi Nikoosar representative
1530-1730 Participants reports with discussions Capt.Dimitar Dimitrov-Mediator
1900-2030 Bar and dinner Org. Com
* - General ceremony of both conferences - (“Integrated informational system in support of coastal zone management” and “Automated system for maritime search and rescue”)
17 June 2016 – Friday
Time Event OPR
0900-1000 Participants reports with discussions Mediator
1000-1030 Press - conference Chairman and others
1000-1030 Nikoosar Sortware training Mr Mahdi Mahdavi Nikoosar representative
1030-1100 Coffee break Conferens secretary
1100-1300 Nikoosar Sortware training Mr Mahdi Mahdavi Nikoosar representative
1300-1400 Lunch Org.Com
1400-1530 Upgrade the possibilities of the IISSCZM* with Automated system for maritime SAR cpt.(N). Kalin Kalinov, Deputy Rector-Naval Academy; Mr Mahdi Mahdavi-Nikoosar Capt.Nick Guerchev-CEO Bulsar
1530-1600 Coffee break Conferens secretary
1600-1700 Discussion and accepting of Forum Statement Mediator
1900-2030 Bar and dinner Org.Com
* IISSCZM - (Integrated informational system in support of coastal zone management)
Reports requirements

All reports, announcements and other information should be delivered to the organizers on electronic carrier. Page format А4, with margins: upper and lower end 25 mm, left 35 mm and right 20 mm. Font Times New Roman, size 12. Materials should be Word or Power Point format. Under the title should be written the name of the author and organization they represent should be written.

  • Reports from Bulgarian authors and organizations should be written in English too.
  • Forum working language: Bulgarian with simultaneous interpretation in English.
Deadline for receiving the reports – 1 st June 2016

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Important Information

For more information regarding Hotels, important phone numbers, Airport information, currency, taxis, etc., please download the Administrative Remarks document below.

Download Administrative Remarks
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To register, please download and fill out the registeration form below and return it to BULSAR at

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