BULSAR must to:
  1. Enroll, train and employ Volunteers and Professionals for Maintaining, Coordinating and Providing Operations for Search and Rescue at Sea.
  2. Simulate and helping to youngsters and people from different generations to be involved in actions taken from BULSAR in accordance with founding principles of National law and SAR 79.
  3. Trough constant trainings, competitions and education to help to established constant warning amongst the general public about safety in Bulgarian coastal waters.
  4. Work closely with ALL seamen, despite their activities -professional or leisure.
  5. Work closely and in coordination with Bulgarian Red Cross, National Structures of Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Foreign affairs, Ministry of Internal affairs and others, as well as, Schools, Companies in Bulgaria and abroad.
  6. Debate over questions in conjunction with Maritime Search and Rescue, to make recommendations , helping in course of creation of Acts in specific matters of Search and Rescue.
  7. Make a treaties with other National and Internationals Organizations, Companies and Schools which acting in field of Search and Rescue.